This is a bit of fun on why we are the way we are during the holidays. I know it can be a hard time of year. I don’t fully understand why but I think it’s that pressure to constantly be happy for everyone around you when you really aren’t. You don’t want to pretend to smile all day when you feel like a bucket of ass shit. You want to be by yourself. The worst possible thing for you.

So this holidays I really want you to try to get out there with friends and family and at least try to have a good time. I know you don’t want to. I know it’s hard. It’s hard for me too, but hell, if I’m forced to do it, then I’m forcing you to do it too!


1. Is it too late to cancel?

a meme about cancelling plans last minute
Saying yes to the big holiday get-together seemed like a good idea at the time when you RSVP’d. You even threw in some exclamation points (soooo excited to see everyone!!) and volunteered to bring your famous apple dumplings. But that was two weeks ago, and you were younger then, and full of hope. In a moment of panic and desperation, you consider canceling because you’re “sick.” Besides, didn’t you promise your dog you’d watch Netflix together tonight?

2. Sigh. I’m going.

a meme about feeling guilty about not going to the party

It is your family we’re talking about. And it is the holidays. That’s the double-edged sword of being depressed — as soon as you even start thinking about skipping the party, you feel guilty (even if it would be better for your mental health). You don’t want to let anyone down, even if it exhausts you.

3. I’ll only go for a little while.

a meme that reads I came, I saw, I left early

Yes, that’s it — the perfect compromise! You’ll say your hellos, grab some food, and even give nosy Aunt Gladys some basic updates about your life with a smile on your face. Then you’ll hurry on your way, like a certain snowman when the sun was hot that day.

4. I can do this, I can do this…

a meme that reads introverts don't get ready for a party, they gather strength for a party

You’re doing this. You’re really doing this. You take a few deep breaths, soak in the last few moments of peace and quiet, and then swear on Aunt Gladys’s fruit cake that you will return home soon.

5. It’s so loud!

people are too damn loud meme

You’re at the party, and it’s SO. LOUD. Christmas carols are blaring. Everyone is talking at once. Your inner depressed self is begging to escape to somewhere quieter, because the noise feels like an actual physical force overwhelming your body. You’re no Grinch, but now you understand why he chose to live alone with his dog on a mountain (it was quiet!).

6. Small talk, whyyyyyy…

a meme about making small talk

Let’s face it. Small talk has never been your thing. All that celebrity gossip and chitchat about your weekend plans just seems so, well, boring. As someone who is depressed, you’d rather talk about big ideas, or at the very least, something that feels authentic and real. At the party, you try to make socially acceptable chitchat, but it quickly veers into… something else entirely.

7. This is getting awkward…

stuck in awkward small talk eme…so, so awkward.

8. There’s so much going on that I’m zoning out.

Introvert Doodles daydreaming introvert memeMarzi Wilson/Introvert Doodles

Despite how it might look to others, you’re not angry, bored, or totally suicidal — you’re turning inward to screen out the crushing amount of stimulation. Noise, a flurry of activity, and endless social social cues to read can simply be too much for people with depression, who by definition, excel in more low-key environments.

9. But seriously, how long?

meme how long can I stay in the bathroom

It’s quiet and you’re alone and you don’t have to make any small talk here.

10. It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that…

why I want to go home memeMarzi Wilson/Introvert Doodles

Fake smiling. Waaaaay too much fake smiling at this holiday party.

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  • This is an area of personality I know very little of, never had contact with it.
    Thank you for giving me insight to what it could be.

    Having a chemical imbalance you can treat with medication but the other form of depression is very confusing to me.

    I always thought depression is a self inflicted selfish act when something does not go according to a persons rules or ideas, but it is much more complicated than that.
    Thank you for enlightling me.
    Bush Lady.

    • Hey Stella,
      Thanks for the comment and I’m super glad I’ve opened your eyes to this disease as it really is a disease. Its nothing to do with if something goes one way or another for someone it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain that tells the person they’re not good enough, they’re not pretty enough and in harsher cases that they don’t deserve to live. It is NEVER a selfish act to have depression or bipolar or any other mental health problems as they are internal. You don’t get a stigma attached to you if you have a life-threatening disease. well, depression is also life-threatening and without awareness and a way for people to talk about it openly and honestly without judgment it will continue to be so.
      So thank you for being honest enough in your ignorance, it shows a strong sense of character and I’ve really enjoyed trying to open your eyes.
      Love & smiles,

  • I can relate with the small talk and awkward silences! Oh boy where do I begin. I’ve always HATED small talk without any real context. Then again I LOVE discussing and having real honest conversations with people about life and complex matters like hobbies, work, politics and business. But small talk about the weather (but I’m fine talking about meteorology, go figure) or what not oh my god do I hate it . That’s the biggest thing that keeps me from meeting new people and networking. People are very interesting in general once you get to know them but first you have to chit chat about nothing for half an hour or so.

    And the awkward silences. I’m sure the other people think I’m a complete retard when I can’t come up with anything to open up the conversation or keep it going. And I’m well aware that rationally thinking the other person is probably feeling as awkward about small talk as well but for some unspoken reason I feel I always have the responsibility to keep it going.

    My go to strategy in parties is to hang in groups. There’s almost always someone who gets the conversation going and I can take part in it just fine. It’s just the getting started and taking full responsibility of keeping the conversation going that gets under my skin.

    BTW: Your themes comment window has this annoying rounded corners thing going on that hides some of my text when you get close to the corners. I think you should fix it. Just a friendly advice 😉

    • Im the same, im terrible with small talk but can talk for hours with someone im comfortable with. I hate the old, What have you been up to? Nothing much, just working, you? Yeah nothing much. End of conversation. Great job adam. Really interactive. Thanks for the great comment. I love to hear about other peoples stories and their lives and to know Im not the only weirdo out there thats trying to better themselves. Really? I’ll have a look at it, thanks for bringing it to my attention mate. Appreciate it 🙂
      Love & smiles,

  • I can relate to this post having depression and social anxiety. This was hilarious! It definitely helps to not take it seriously even though that is much easier said than done. As they say laughter is the best medicine! I am glad to see you educating people about mental health as many people still see it as a choice or something to get over. Much like alcoholism or drug addiction it is a neurological chemical imbalance that causes a person to react very differently to “stimulation”. One person could be fine with having 3 drinks while another can’t stop. One person could be fine in a crowded room making small talk while another wants to flee to safety and comfort. Anyways, really glad to see you starting these discussions and opening people’s eyes. I will have to check out your other content.

    • Thanks for you wonderful comment Spencer and I agree, more people need to be made aware of this illness and its side effects it can have on individuals. I think your right also that a lot of people seem to believe it is a choice to have depression or social anxiety though it is a chemical imbalance in the brain and something that can really only be treated through medication and counselling on behavioral techniques. I’m glad you found it amusing too, it rung very true with me and i couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I have bipolar so understand all of what you are saying and thank you again for opening peoples eyes with this comment.
      Love & smiles,

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