The holidays are literally a blur of activity and energy sapping conversations to loved ones you haven’t seen in too long. And while you don’t really care how they’re kids are going in school, you make the effort and pretend you do. You end up more exhausted at the end of the holidays than you did going into them, and somehow you need to summon up the strength to get back on track with your career goals. It won’t be easy and you’ll have to push yourself, hard, you’ve just spent the last 10 days getting used to a life without work, now you have to get used to a life WITH work again. It’s a tricky ride and a bumpy one.

Start by fighting back against the temptation to say, “I’ll just ease my way back into work. Start late a few days and sleep in, because that’s what I’m used to now. Then I’ll be ready to start focusing on work.”

Let’s dispense with that little nugget of procrastination and start NOW. Since you are reading this article, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you have ambition, drive and motivation in abundance. You just don’t know how to tap back into that spark. Well firstly you should congratulate yourself for taking the first step, as your far and foremost in front of the others who are sitting at home complaining about how hard it’s all been and the ‘don’t wanna start work yet’, the ‘just one more day’ers, the ‘just 10 more minutes’ers. That ain’t you. Ahuh hunny that aint you. You’re taking bold action and getting ready to swing it. So, here’s what you need to do to make 2019 your own personal legend! Thank you The Alchemist.


Learn How to Stop Procrastinating, Get Unstuck & Live the Life of Your Dreams!

1. Create a Growing Mindset

As you are reading this, you probably already possess a growth mindset, but didn’t feel the need to provide a narcissistic little title to your own personal motivation like we do here J A growth mindset is a way of thinking and believing that you can create a better future for yourself, despite obstacles in your path and past baggage you’re burdened with.

A staggering amount of people possess a fixed mindset This mindset that say’s we are predestined to be who and were we are in life. A fixed mindset person will resign himself to his dramatical fate. Sigh. Completely in opposite to this line of thinking, having a growth mindset emboldens you to seek out solutions to your challenges in life. You believe in both yourself and that you can create your own future – no matter how difficult things are right now. No obstacle is unattainable with a growth mindset. You have faith that you can overcome any obstacle standing in your way. You completely commit to learning, growing, improving and developing.

This isn’t easy or a miracle cure. It takes time, inner strength and determination. I personally view things in this fashion as often as I can. It makes a difference. Trust me on this. If someone is going to be a successful businessman, writer, recruiter, musician or entrepreneur, why shouldn’t it be me? Why shouldn’t I become successful just because I ain’t no genius in disguise. I possess many shortcomings, in abundance in fact and come from modern day Sydney, Australia. I’m definitely not, not well off and had a pretty good childhood all other things considered. I look around at the people who are already in my field and recognize that – most often – they aren’t THAT great. So since I’m just as good as my competition, but possess a borderline obsessive drive, older school work hard and you will get there, work ethic and am unafraid of failure, there is no reason or excuse. I will find ways to succeed this year.

Well, I’ll get back to you on that anyway.

2. In regards to your goals, write them down, the pen is mightier than the sword

Who doesn’t dream about winning the lottery, coming up with a brilliant business plan or app that will take the world by storm. A real game changer. We all know someone like this. Heck it could be you. They talk endlessly to everybody that will listen about what they’re going to do next in their ride of life. They believe so strongly in their own dogma that they literally believe it will come true. A few of us will even get our feet wet by conducting research, taking online courses, listening to podcasts, seeking out mentors, writing and editing their great business model, that they’ll never get off the ground. And why?

Because you need to establish your goal, write down an action plan on how you will achieve that goal and then actually go out there and DO IT! The plan could be scribbled on a napkin, but this process of writing it down is the first step to making it a reality. It makes the dream a viable way to achieve your desires. Writing helps you fine tune and focus your thoughts. It makes you turn a concept into a map. Having it in writing will serve to keep you committed and honest with yourself.

The next part will be harder. You have to keep track of your daily progress and keep yourself accountable without excuses.

3. Don’t stress about the whole picture, start with small tasks and build from there

You’ve been building your growth mindset and have a written action plan that you are following. Now take that whole tasty picture and break it down into daily goals that you can accomplish. If you want to start an online business, day 1 could be registering the domain name and setting up the site. Day 2 could be adding your first content to the site etc. Slowly and methodically grind away and make incremental progress. Do these daily tasks and it won’t seem as overwhelming. It will become achievable and once you start achieving these small wins, it will drive you to even greater wins.

4. Daily positive feedback to yourself

You need to open and embrace new ideas that can help you succeed. If you’re wired to have negative thoughts that hold you back from achieving your goals and leading your best life, it makes sense to get outside of your comfort zone and try something else. Self-affirmations are statements that we tell ourselves to initiate change. They alter our beliefs about ourselves. Start with saying and repeating positive phrases. If you are interviewing for a competitive job, you may say to yourself, ‘I deserve this position. I will get this job! I have the background needed, experience and possess all the requirements I will succeed in this role. It will happen!”

Then translate these thoughts into actions to manifest our intentions. When you first start saying your positive affirmations they won’t be grounded in reality. Yet. But with repetition, they sink into your subconscious mind, you start to believe them and they eventually become your reality. They become your own personal legend and actually become true. I’ve tried this with jobs in the past. For a week straight I told myself I was going to get this job. I didn’t know if I actually would or not, but saying this made me prepare, made me look up interview tactics and most asked questions, it became the forefront of my thinking. It awoke my prefrontal cortex and released all the power my mind had to offer. And I got the job.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often enough, and actually start to believe in them, you can start to make these positive changes like I did with all my research. Go in prepared.

5. See your future success, really see it

Visualization is the act of creating a picture in your mind of having already achieved your goal. Like I did with that job. You then play out this movie in your head on a repeated loop every day. Use your imagination to see yourself as the end result of being successful. Picture living in that new beautiful home. Visualize yourself driving your dream car. See yourself sitting in that corner office.

You will attract what you focus on. It’s a mental hack to visualize what you already have that you desire, rather than wishing you achieve it, or hoping that one day it will just happen. Live and feel it as if it is happening to you right now. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. AGAIN, the subconscious mind can NOT distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. Think of the power in that. You subconscious will act upon the images you create within, whether they reflect your current reality or not.

So good luck in 2019!

Wait, you don’t need luck at all. You now have the tools and the guidebook to MAKE 2019 your best year yet! You set up a real strong goal, you wrote it down, will visualize the success, build your growth mindset, use your self-affirmations, work daily on achieving your mission and you will do amazing things!


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  • What a great website. I’ve been reading a lot about what a positive mind can do, visualising things you really want to become and it turning into reality. All start with a positive mind.
    Can’t wait to read the next blog!

    • Thanks Carly, a positive mindset is one of the most powerful things we as human beings can have. It literally throws out good energy into the world and is the first step to turning your dreams into reality. Really cool that you’ve been reading into it as its a great subject to get your mind around.
      Love & smiles,

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