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On this page, we are going to go through the different careers that would best suit people with mental health. Ultimately it will be your own decision on what career path to choose to pursue but I am going to go through things that I myself, having Bipolar, have been through during my career and I hope to inform and educate you into a career that you may or may not have ever thought about.

Working is one of the BEST things for people with mental health barriers. Notice I use the term ‘Barrier’ as opposed to ‘Illness’, that’s because in the job market it really is just a small barrier that you need to overcome like anybody else with an illness does. You can choose to reveal your condition to a prospective employer or not. There is no guaranteed way of doing this.

The best thing about employment is, it gets you out of the house, it gets you busy and out of your head, you contribute to society so you get a sense of self-worth, when you finish your day your tired from the work you’ve done and feel a sense of accomplishment you normally wouldn’t feel, this, in turn, will help with your sleeping patterns as well, and, you also get money, giving you the freedom to do things that you love. I will go through all the different types of careers that I myself have had over the years and also careers that I know for a FACT help with people with a mental health barrier.

Heres to creating a better and new you!

Love & smiles,


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