Online counseling certificate – how you can make a start

Online Counseling Certificate Counselling is a professional activity that utilizes an interpersonal relationship to enable people to develop self-understanding and to make changes in their lives. Professional counselors work within a clearly contracted, principled relationship that enables individuals to obtain assistance in exploring and resolving issues of an interpersonal, intrapsychic, or personal nature. Professional Counseling is explicitly contracted and require in-depth training to utilize a range of therapeutic interventions, and

Empowerment life coaching

Empowerment Life Coaching Life coaching is designed to provide guidance, empowerment, and improvement to your life. Similar to a therapist or mentor, a life coach helps you tackle life’s biggest questions regarding both your personal and professional life. Life Coaching is a method of mentoring and helping people achieve their goals or master specific skills. A wonderful series of techniques can be applied with transformative effect in your own life,

Neuro linguistic programming certification

Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification The ability to develop good relationships with others and to handle situations effectively are vital elements of being someone with personal and professional development skills. Introducing the skills of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), Peak Performance Through NLP helps you to recognize the cues that give you insights into how you and others are feeling, and develop the way you approach situations so that you can achieve the

Sleep for depression – how sleep can affect your mental health

Sleep for depression, really? Is that really going to make a difference to my mental health? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have thought so either. People always talk about just how important sleep is but I would have thought that was just in general terms, but here we have actual proof that it does and will affect your mental health. See below. Depression and Sleep Feeling sad now and then is

How to harness your inner-self

HOW TO HARNESS THE 6 INVISIBLE SUPERPOWERS YOU WERE BORN WITH… So That the World Becomes Your Playground of Limitless Possibilities, Negativity Bounces Off of You Like Teflon, and Life Becomes Easier, More Fulfilling and Way More Fun! A Groundbreaking 6-Week Audio Program by Mary Morrissey & Bob Proctor Is there something deep within you that seeks a fuller, freer and more expansive life? Do you long for positive change when it comes

The weather and bipolar – does weather really have an effect?

In this post I’m going to discuss The Weather and Bipolar and if there is any founded evidence on this being true. I myself suffer from Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and I would say from personal experience that the weather does sometimes play a role in my tipsy topsy mood swings. It seems that days when its sun shining and the birds are singing I will often go down into

10 thoughts depressed people have on the holidays

This is a bit of fun on why we are the way we are during the holidays. I know it can be a hard time of year. I don’t fully understand why but I think it’s that pressure to constantly be happy for everyone around you when you really aren’t. You don’t want to pretend to smile all day when you feel like a bucket of ass shit. You want

Signs, symptoms, depression

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Changing perceptions therapy and how you can change your life

  In this Changing Perceptions Therapy we are going to talk about techniques to erase Limiting Beliefs and manifest True Abundance. Change your perception, change your life. It’s that simple. Ande Anderson Meet Ande Anderson, a personal development coach who hasn’t always had her shit together. In the past she worked in a job she hated, went through a series of broken relationships, was overweight, had the limiting belief that