Does exercise improve mental health? You tell me

Does exercise improve mental health? After reading this post you can tell me below. How does it improve my mental health? Scientists have found that the act of exercise in itself does improve your mental health. How? Simple. I know what your thinking. I can’t be bothered. I feel too depressed to even get out of bed let alone go and work out. And I completely agree with you. There

The 5 second rule book review – how it can change your life

The 5 Second Rule Book Review – how it can change your life SearchBox I read this book in a time in my life when I was going through severe anxiety. I, like a lot of my readers, suffer from this disease and have a lot of trouble coping with it. In this book, it was said that Mel Robbins, the author, could cure you of anxiety in just five

Panic attack self help and how to deal with them

Panic attacks and the know The premise behind this post is going to be on how to tackle panic attacks self-help and manage your panic attacks when they hit. Read on if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression or any other mental health barrier as this may just help you out. The build and the know Panic attacks feel like they come out of nowhere. Seemingly to come out

Be yourself quotes – How to truly live your life

Be yourself. The world worships the original. This quote is the main premise behind this site. But to truly be yourself isn’t as easy as some think. It takes a lot to find out who we are. It can sometimes take a lifetime. It can take blood. It can take sweat, and it can definitely take tears. Every time your confused about who you are I want you to come

Success is never owned, It’s rented! 5 tips on how I learned to succeed

Success is never owned, It’s rented and rent is due every day! 5 Tips on how I learned succeed. This is a great quote and one I try to live my life by every single day. The success we make is only temporary. We try and try to make a difference. It could be an impact on peoples lives. A difference to the world. A difference to a friend. But

Living with bipolar – how to make the most of it

Living with Bipolar you can suffer both manic and depressive episode. Though in between people live totally normal lives. This is where we are going to focus the bulk of our energy on. Working on this will help you focus on what you have achieved when you eventually hit those downs. Having something to literally suck you out of the down, something you’ve accomplished or built will make dealing with