Personal development course – ultimate success masterclass

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10 thoughts depressed people have on the holidays

This is a bit of fun on why we are the way we are during the holidays. I know it can be a hard time of year. I don’t fully understand why but I think it’s that pressure to constantly be happy for everyone around you when you really aren’t. You don’t want to pretend to smile all day when you feel like a bucket of ass shit. You want

Personal growth quotes and how to truly take notice

In this article we’re going to go through several personal growth quotes and how we can truly put them into practice. Change This sounds easy doesn’t it. Actually it’s not. To actively change yourself you have to actively know who you are and what it is you want to change. Personal growth is about building a stronger character, a stronger self, a stronger YOU! This is the first and possibly

Be yourself quotes – How to truly live your life

Be yourself. The world worships the original. This quote is the main premise behind this site. But to truly be yourself isn’t as easy as some think. It takes a lot to find out who we are. It can sometimes take a lifetime. It can take blood. It can take sweat, and it can definitely take tears. Every time your confused about who you are I want you to come

Living with bipolar – how to make the most of it

Living with Bipolar you can suffer both manic and depressive episode. Though in between people live totally normal lives. This is where we are going to focus the bulk of our energy on. Working on this will help you focus on what you have achieved when you eventually hit those downs. Having something to literally suck you out of the down, something you’ve accomplished or built will make dealing with