In this Changing Perceptions Therapy we are going to talk about techniques to erase Limiting Beliefs and manifest True Abundance.

Change your perception, change your life. It’s that simple.

Ande Anderson

Meet Ande Anderson, a personal development coach who hasn’t always had her shit together. In the past she worked in a job she hated, went through a series of broken relationships, was overweight, had the limiting belief that she shouldn’t want and didn’t deserve anything and thought that money was the root of most of her problems.

Though after one of her broken relationships she realised that there was one common denominator to all of her problems. Herself. She COULD have looked and found a job she liked rather than spending all her time in a job she hated, she COULD have found successful relationships or maybe tried harder in certain aspects of the ones she was in but its so much easier to blame someone or something else than it is to take the blame on and look inside yourself.

Once she started looking at life this way everything changed and she started looking into just WHY the mind works the way it does and why she was feeling the way she was.



In a study done with a group of people the speaker asked a black man and a white man to stand up. He then asked the audience what colour they were. Naturally they said black and white. Though even something as simple as this is linked to our limiting beliefs and perception. A white person isn’t actually white, they’re not the color of a blank sheet of paper, the same as a black man isn’t actually as black as black ink. We percieve them this way due to our upbringing and have been programmed since birth to think this way. We’re not black or white, sure our skin tones differ a little but we’re actually the same. We’re people.

Another example that Ande give is her daughter playing in a playground, she runs up to her mother and says, ‘I’m playing with a brown boy over there and he’s really nice.’

Kids have no sense of perception yet, they see the world as it truly is. Its not until we’ve been programmed to think a certain way that this happens. In the childs mind the boy was just a brownish colour on his skin, to an adult it would be a black child, but in actual reality the child is a brownish colour, just like we aren’t actually white, we’re actually more of a peach colour.

We perceive the world how we’ve been programmed to perceive the world and its not always true. If we get something as simple as someones skin tones wrong how many other factors of our life could we have gotten wrong. We have a perceptopn problem these days, and our paradigm fucks with our perception. So what do we need to do?

We need to alter our paradigm. We don’t see with our eyes we see THROUGH our eyes, through our brain. Theres a big difference. For many years we thought the worls was flat. You can’t live on the edge you nutter, you’ll fall off! You can’t live underneath, that’s were the devil and all his pitchforks are kept. It wasn’t until we had proper evidence to support this that we actually even started to believe the world was round. That evidence was the paradigm. Change the paradigm, change the perception.


Our thoughts create our reality

A quote by Zig Zigler is, “Failuer is an event, not a person”. This is so true in todays society. We believe we ourselves to be failures but it’s the actual event that caused the failure that is the failure. We could all take this quote and put it into our lives. When a child learns to walk they inevitably fall down, they don’t lay there and think they’re a failure and don’t try anymore. What do they do? They simply get back up and try again. This is because they haven’t been programmed to believe that every single little failure is a failure in itself.

We as adults take things far to serioulsy, we need to learn that failure isn’t alwasys what we think it is, it’s our perception of failure that is making us think this way. A common story we tell ourselves is if we fuck up enough no one will love us. We blame urselves far too harshly, and this is detrimental to our health. No matter what ‘mistakes’ we make, we are still loveable. Everything, and I mean everything is based on perception. Perception is shaping how we see reality. It goes back to what our belief system is, our upbringing, society, our church and our friends.

TThough the thing is that everyone has a unique concept on wht reality looks like to them, our own personal collage if you will, and our own doesn’t look like everybody else’s but we’re not actually seeing everything the same way as everybody else. We are our own unique universe. Think of it, of the billions of people on the planet you are the only one with this unique outlook and its been created through your programming and your values.



Its based on our belief system and the boundary within that belief system. The only way to experience the world is in your immediate surrounding. The surrounding and the people around you. Everything else is just a concept or an idea. If we haven’t actually been somewhere it doesn’t actually exitst to us. Before I’d been to Bali it didnt’ exist to me. I hadn’t felt the humidity, the sand, the people, none of it, I knew it existed in the sense that I knew it was THERE but it wasn’t a part of my life or who I am. We then create our world around these concepts.


Your thoughts are powerful, they’re magnetic

They then become a belief that has more magnetic attraction and that is how you create your reality. Thoughts become beliefs, which turn into experiences and expectations, you create a story then all of a sudden your creating your own reality. you senf our vibrations of energy for these and all day long you are doing this, creating more energy, creating more belief.


A lot of children of divorce go through this. I know I did anyway. You go through a string of bad relationships and after every single one you keep on asking yourself why? Why me? What is happening? Why do I keep dating such bitches (or bastards). And it’s not until we finally, truly look ourselves in the mirror and realise that the one single common thing in all these relationships is yourself. My belief that no matter what the person was going to be like they were always going to leave me in the end. This has made me horribly lonely, I have no family, no girlfriend, I rarely go out anymore and it literally is my fault and I take acceptance of that fact. I know what your thinking, fuck Adam, if you wan’t a girlfriend go out and get one. But I have insecurities, like everyone else that I’m still dealing with. These strong insecurities of abandonment that I’m still to this day working through.


Erasing negative beliefs

It doesn’t matter what your negative thoughts are, disempowering, its recognising that you become aware of these thoughts. If you’ve spent so much time of your life thinking this way the good news is that you can now start to train your brain to think the opposite, who wouldn’t want to date me, im awesome, I can give in a relationsop and show love and caring and devotion; I am lovable. It all comes down to your thinking and deciding on what thoughts you want to follow.

Being a victim doesn’t help anyone, having a victim mentality attracts circumstances and people that will tale advantage of you, if you’re a victor you think from a stronger mentality. Every single person no matter who you are has a ‘less than’ voice in their head, it doesn’t matter if you’re the most successful person in the world you are still going to have a voice in your head telling you your not worthy or your worth less than something or someone.

So how do we get over this, we acknowledge that the voice is there, its just a voice inside our heads, its not reality. You need to come up with a new mentality like I am awesome and kick that voice to the curb. You need to be aware of these thoughts that you don’t deserve to be happy. Its not that these thoughts go away they are always there. Its just a choice on whether you pay attention to them or not, we are not our thoughts, nothing happens until you move.

Money likes action, you need to move, make action, make calls, send emails, do something and make movement for your business to work. Attraction has ACTION in it. You must take action. You need to look at your problems and why you are thinking them. If you think that having kids in a relationship will be damaging to the relationship, its not actually the kids, its actually you, your problem of having parents who were divorced and you thinking it was your fault. You need to take full responsibility. I owe money, I had been fired, my health is in the gutter.

Having a pity party helps no one but yourself for a temporary moment, you have to take responsibility for all of it. At first you blame everybody else except yourself but you need to own yourself and everything that has happened. You can only move forward and become happy with your life when you take full responsibility for your life. You need to take responsibility for the life your living. Responsibility for the good and the bad.

Replace the negative thought with an empowering thought. When you work on yourself on the outside you help yourself on the inside. Your responsible for everything you say and do. You cant blame anybody else. When you become responsible, something inside you becomes new and rises up inside, makes you want to be the best version of yourself you can be.

We often look outside of ourselves for the answers to our lives but the reality is that these thoughts have always been within us, the thoughts your choosing to believe right now are paving a way to your future. These thoughts are actually creating the reality you have yet to experience. By changing you perceptions and changing your thoughts you truly can change your life. The choice is all yours, you have all the power to shift your old patterns paradigms and limiting thoughts to something filled with happiness, success, love and abundance.


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