Here we are going to give you a complete list of personal development, self-help and personal growth courses that will literally CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. The best thing about them is that you can take them from anywhere. they’re all online, so work at your own pace, work from home, work anywhere you want (on the bus or train for an hour? flip out the cell phone and do some training) do it every chance you get, and learn a skill that’s not only going to possibly benefit you in your career, but more importantly benefit yourself internally. The really great thing about these courses is that the ones targeted at employment are all Accredited Training Providers and you can throw them straight into your resume to really build up your skillset and stand out from the crowd. Other courses you may just want to take in order to learn more about yourself and who we all really are.

One of the best ways to tackle mental health is to really understand what is going on, that’s why courses like these are SO important to people with mental health. I have bipolar and i have taken courses on NLP, Personal Development, How to help and assist people, How to become a better salesman (this one seems a little out of place but trust me, the skills you learn in these ‘sales’ courses are real-life lessons on how to be more positive, successful, motivated and happy) and plenty of others just to try and understand why I am the way I am.

We only link up with the training providers and training programs that we know and trust. That are Accredited Training Courses and that give real value for your dollar.

Another thing I will mention is the pricing. This was something I found to be quite expensive BUT, if I went to University to learn this material how much would I be paying? If I went to a private college to learn this how much would it cost me? A small fortune is what. There would be admin and joining fee’s, there would be tuition fee’s, there would be books I would have to purchase. So while they may seem a little steep they are actually price pointed and in some instances discounted to save you money and time. What could take years to accomplish at college you will be able to knock over in a few months or even weeks. Like I said, in most instances, you work at your own pace. And compared to years of study, it’s not a bad price to pay for something that’s going to fundamentally change your life. Period.

So do yourself a favor and get to know yourself on a deeper level, become the best version of you that you can possibly be and really start to OWN YOURSELF!!!

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