Does exercise improve mental health? After reading this post you can tell me below.

How does it improve my mental health?

Scientists have found that the act of exercise in itself does improve your mental health. How? Simple.

I know what your thinking. I can’t be bothered. I feel too depressed to even get out of bed let alone go and work out. And I completely agree with you. There have been days that I couldn’t even leave the house because of my agoraphobia kicking in like a mule on coke. Does that mean that exercise wouldn’t help? No. It just means that I’m too lazy to get out there and actually do it.

The main problem is motivation. Or the lack thereof. We need to find something you enjoy doing. Feel like beating the shit out of life? Try a punching bag, look I found this on amazon for only $70. 70 bucks for a bag and gloves. You’ll be a martialing artist painting blood and sweat in no time.

Feel like riding with the wind in your hair, look I found a bike on amazon for only 600 mulas, a little steep you might say, but I’d say for your personal sanity, it’s a worthy investment.

Hell you can even get some trendy get up to make you feel extra special if you want.

Now a ROWING MACHINE! THAT would be my cuppa mo mo faw shaw! These things are the BOMB!

Now these might not be the best products out there, they may not be the ‘in’ thing at the moment like a belly flatter while your sitting there watching Netflix type of awesome but it is something. And it’s this something that gets us off the couch and moving that is 1. Going to boost those serotonin levels through the roof and 2. Get those endorphins flowing.

Get your blood pumping, hell get your sweat on.

What type of exercise?

This is a good question and one I hear enough in one day to shoot myself. What type of exercise should I do (whiny nagging voice) I don’t wanna be fat but I also don’t wanna do anything about it (again whiny bitch voice)

And the painful answer is….ANY KIND. Anything that makes you move. Try a rowing machine.

Try A N Y T H I N G just try it. You might even LIKE it just a little.

Another trick is diversity, try all of these, buy the whole shebang, join a gym they have heaps of stuff, trust me, I walked past one once and saw it firsthand. Then you can rinse and repeat to your hearts content.

Are you sure this is a good idea?

No. I’m not a dental hygienist, but I have studied psychology and I do know the mind and the mind loves exercise just as much as the body needs it to stay in shape. Think about it, when your in shape do you FEEL depressed? Would you feel really depressed with a 6 pack? Hell no. You might feel depressed that you’re eating water and drinking salad all day (yes I know that’s backwards, I think it’s some kind of hilarious joke ha-ha) But your mind has shifted, your not depressed about being fat and lazy anymore. You have new values. New things to live for. New friends. Fuck me you have a new life!

Will I try it?

In all honesty, if you’re the type of person who trawls websites for exercise info and motivational info then probably not. That’s not saying that you shouldn’t, I just can’t see it happening. What I DO want you to do is close the laptop, turn off the TV and take your dog, who’s been staring at you the past hr cause he’s got a shit on board that could choke a horse, and take him for a damn walk. Let him have his fun marking the place up with his willy, yes willy. And try to enjoy yourself being outside, Another good one is swinming. That is actually one of the best for Does Exercise Improve Mental Health,

You get outside, you get into the water, you feel fresh. You feel fuckin ALIVE !!!

I know it’s hard cause no one understands you and your problems are so grand that nobody else can help. Well my friend, it’s suicide or exercise.

I know which one I’d choose.



Leave your thoughts below, except if you’re contemplating suicide, then call for help.

Love & smiles,


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