What makes you experts in this subject?

We never claimed to be experts. In fact to be an expert in all of these sub texts is completely ludicrous. You’d have to study psychology, psychiatry, every personal development and self-help course there is to stay up to date and even then you still wouldn’t be anywhere nearer to an expert. All we can offer you is firsthand experience in this field. I personally have Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Agoraphobia and whatever else you want to ‘label’ me with. I’m also a drug addict, I take meds for all of these every single day, I drink too much to dull out the pain and I self harm. None of these are what you would call good coping strategies but DUE to this I know exactly where most people are coming from. My experience with this disease and TRYING different methods to better my life is the reason I consider myself a valuable source of information.

But hey, if that’d not enough, don’t read it.

If this is a blog, why do you have affiliate programs on it?

Well I need to earn money SOME sort of way otherwise I couldn’t keep bringing you this amazing content now could I. And not to mention, I get paid through the affiliates not through you. So whether you buy it from me or straight from the website, the only difference is I won’t get a commission and we won’t be able to keep this site up and running.

Why do some of the blogs seem to be just be ads?

Again I take you to the affiliate reasoning. I need to make money to keep this site up otherwise I will go broke and have nothing to offer the world in general. So make sure you buy through my affiliate links and help a fellow brotha out!


They are just a few FAQs I’ve gotten. I am sure this will be updated though so as they say KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS SPACE


Love & smiles,



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