Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification

The ability to develop good relationships with others and to handle situations effectively are vital elements of being someone with personal and professional development skills. Introducing the skills of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), Peak Performance Through NLP helps you to recognize the cues that give you insights into how you and others are feeling, and develop the way you approach situations so that you can achieve the highest standards. By identifying areas of your performance that you need to improve, NLP focuses on changing your thoughts, assumptions, and emotions so that you can dramatically improve the results you get. Practical advice, including 101 concise tips, shows you how to develop NLP skills and put them into practice, and a self-assessment test at the end of the book allows you to evaluate your performance levels.

Here we’re going to discuss Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Certification you can get by signing up with Chrysalis Online Courses.

They’re extremely well priced and for what you get with the Certification you will be blown away.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is extremely well-known as a powerful tool for personal change, therapeutic work, and is even used by corporations worldwide to build success.


How do we think and learn? What negative patterns hold us back? How do outstanding people in any field achieve results? NLP helps us to transform our negative beliefs in all aspects of our life.

This introductory course gives you all the fundamental knowledge you need to understand more about this exciting area of therapy and the tools to start implementing them on yourself. You’ll learn more effective communication skills and be able to make positive changes at home, work and play and achieve long-held personal goals.

This course is recognized and Quality Checked by the National Hypnotherapy Society which holds an Accredited Register, recognized by the Professional Standards Authority

Chrysalis Online Courses provides online hypnotherapy, counselling, life-coaching and NLP training and courses

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Once you’ve completed the course, if you wanted to continue studying you could ALSO complete the Advanced Certificate which, upon completion would not only allow you to immediately start working as an NLP Practitioner but simply use these advanced techniques to improve your own well being.

The Advanced Certificate in NLP enables you fully understand this range of tools and learn about the history, nature and application of NLP.  You’ll also learn how to practice NLP, not only on yourself but with clients.


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