Success is never owned

Success is never owned, It’s rented and rent is due every day!

5 Tips on how I learned succeed.

This is a great quote and one I try to live my life by every single day. The success we make is only temporary. We try and try to make a difference. It could be an impact on peoples lives. A difference to the world. A difference to a friend. But as soon as someone sleeps on it, the next day their life will more than not go back to exactly how it was.

Trying to change the world is never going to work. But trying to change ourselves? Now that’s something we can work on.

In this article, I want to touch on a few things that I myself have done to try and better myself and the people around me.



  1. Try and make yourself happy. If you’re unhappy, find something that makes you happy. It could be exercise, it could be art, it could be reading, it could be gaming, it could be anything, just try to find what makes you happy and JUST DO IT.
  2. Find a career that fulfills you. I started my career in sales, which I think is a great job for someone with a mental health problem, but I’ll touch on that in another post. I worked for years as a sales rep for a record label and I loved it. I learned how to deal with some of the worlds biggest names in music, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Linkin Park, just to name a few. I learned how to sell to record stores and I learned how to interact with clients. After this I went into Auctioneering, again a strong sales role, I was auctioneering off cars, heavy earth moving equipment smaller goods like computers, laptops, iPhones, everything you can think of but still a very strong sales based role. After that my band went on tour for 3 years, when I came back I’d no idea what to do. The music industry had changed so much with online downloading and even the auctioneering game had changed to online websites. I didn’t know what to do, then I found a niche, my personal empathy could work to my own advantage. Someone approached me through LinkedIn by looking at my sales skills. Apparently, a government agency that works with disabled people assisting them in employment needed help selling their services. Well, I was all in, now I’m a Disability Support Coordinator and get to spend my days helping people with mental or physical barriers into either employment, study or further medical assistance. And I love it.
  3. Finding a role like this, that I could put my all into and be proud of the work I’ve done is one of the greatest moves I’ve made in my life. I’m proud of the work I do, and when I crash into depression I try and focus on all the lives I’ve changed already by putting people into employment and helping them find themselves again.
  4. Though it’s not just about employment. It could be anything. Anything that makes you happy, you need to remember what it felt like when you were happy, what it smelt like, what it looked like, what you tasted at the time and what you were hearing. If you can manipulate your surroundings and recreate these senses I will almost guarantee you will suck yourself out of depression and live the day you want to live.
  5. Live the life you want to live. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. You need to find the things you want in life and this can be harder than you think. You need to think outside of the box, look at your values, what makes you smile, ask your parents what used to make you happy ask your friends when you’ve seemed the happiest and build off this, and remember that what you think will make you happy may be something completely different to what you started out with. For me, I always wanted to work at a record label and be around musicians and famous artists but I am so much happier in my role now than I ever was back then and that’s because I’ve learned from my values what truly makes me happy.

And remember, success is something we should strive for every day, and while we may not own it, we can rent the shit out of it!


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  • Really true words! People need inspiration and reminders to dont loose them self and move forward and listen what the heart and soul say!

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