Awake from anxiety

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The mind and mental health

Stress Stress is a major health issue in many countries around the globe. According to the American Psychological Association, more than one-third of adults in America report that their stress increased over the past year. Twenty-four percent of adults report experiencing extreme stress, up from 18 percent the year before. It’s well-known that stress can be a detriment to overall health. But can stress actually change the physiology of the

Get ready to experience more abundance

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The weather and bipolar – does weather really have an effect?

In this post I’m going to discuss The Weather and Bipolar and if there is any founded evidence on this being true. I myself suffer from Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and I would say from personal experience that the weather does sometimes play a role in my tipsy topsy mood swings. It seems that days when its sun shining and the birds are singing I will often go down into

Building confidence and self esteem

Living a Life of Confidence, Success & Empowerment IS Possible For You! We’ve brought together 30 of the world’s most respected thought-leaders, doctors, bestselling authors, entrepreneurial experts & more to help you unlock the confidence, inner-power, and success that’s waiting for you. During this 7-day conference & challenge, our speakers will be sharing the root causes of diminished self-esteem & how to break free from the fears and insecurities that have been keeping you from creating the life you want! You’ll discover strategies, tools & tips

Signs, symptoms, depression

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Changing perceptions therapy and how you can change your life

  In this Changing Perceptions Therapy we are going to talk about techniques to erase Limiting Beliefs and manifest True Abundance. Change your perception, change your life. It’s that simple. Ande Anderson Meet Ande Anderson, a personal development coach who hasn’t always had her shit together. In the past she worked in a job she hated, went through a series of broken relationships, was overweight, had the limiting belief that

Living with bipolar – how to make the most of it

Living with Bipolar you can suffer both manic and depressive episode. Though in between people live totally normal lives. This is where we are going to focus the bulk of our energy on. Working on this will help you focus on what you have achieved when you eventually hit those downs. Having something to literally suck you out of the down, something you’ve accomplished or built will make dealing with