Depression free help – how to take back your life

Depression Free Help – How to take back your life!Immediate depression reliefThis is not another wonder drug, not a miracle patch or a new intrsusive surgery procedure.Do any of these experiences sound familiar to you?Do you find yourself suffering  from a persistent empty feeling over a long period of time?Have you struggled with guilt and worthlessness that will not stop?Do you ever fear the past and have constant bleak thoughts

CBT techniques to beat negative thinking

CBT Techniques to Beat Negative ThinkingDiscover How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques Can Help You to Deal with Negative Thoughts and Problem Situations Buy now! What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a counselling or coaching model for helping people to deal with emotional difficulties or make practical changes in their life. It has been used successfully to help people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and other difficulties. It can

Life power tips – with FREE ebook

Hi, The 179 Forward Steps, in this FREE ebook for you, give you daily, inspiring snippets that you can take aboard, in any moment. Click this link to download your free copy HERE! Each of these 179 Forward Steps is a life power tip, providing a suggestion to personally consider, contemplate, or question. These are a short, simple note with a focus point that gives you poignant food for thought.

Power questions – our journey is only just beginning

Hey Guys, In the moments when we find ourselves immobilized, introduce powerful questions to the mind and our brain will shift into gear for finding answers. It will keep working until an answer is found, even when we are not aware of it. Questions are the gateway to getting unstuck! Our learning and development are about the questions that we ask, and the answers we find on that journey. Questions

Get the power of intuition

Discover the Extraordinary Superpower You Were Born with, that 97% of People NEVER Learn How to Intelligently Apply… (Causing unnecessary struggle and pain in life.) By Bestselling Author, Mary Morrissey Bonus: Free Workshop Training Included About the Author Meet Mary Morrissey, the World’s Foremost Expert on Transforming Dreams into Reality Mary Morrissey has invested the last 40 years into studying transformational principles, and is the author of two bestselling books, No Less

The 5 second rule book review – how it can change your life

The 5 Second Rule Book Review – how it can change your life SearchBox I read this book in a time in my life when I was going through severe anxiety. I, like a lot of my readers, suffer from this disease and have a lot of trouble coping with it. In this book, it was said that Mel Robbins, the author, could cure you of anxiety in just five