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  • Want to improve your assertiveness?
  • Increase your self esteem?
  • Learn how to make real life changes?

Who is the Stress and Anxiety Toolkit for?

The Stress and Anxiety Tookit is for you if:

  • You would like a comprehensive set of practical tools for dealing with anxiety, stress and negative thoughts
  • You recognise that stress and anxiety are often linked with issues around self esteem, assertiveness and difficulty in making changes and you would like a set of tools which doesn't just stop at dealing with stress and anxiety but also shows you how to address these issues

If you want to tackle stress and anxiety in the fullest way then it will help you to learn how to deal with the related issues. Anxiety and stress don't just grow out of thin air! They relate to your own view of yourself, of how others see you and of what your abilities are. That's why a comprehensive approach to anxiety and stress will involve advice and suggestions on how to improve your self esteem, act assertively and make effective changes in your life!

The CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques in the Stress and Anxiety Toolkit provide the ideal basis for tackling all these issues in a related comprehensive way.

What is the Stress and Anxiety Toolkit?

The Stress and Anxiety Toolkit is.

  • A set of 6 downloadable self help ebooks: 5 practical guides to different topics relating to Stress and Anxiety & an additional 6th ebookproviding a set of helpful life general coaching exercises
  • The guides are set out in easy to follow sections. Each has 'homework' exercises for you to follow and gives guidance and ideas as to how to follow them so as best to deal with the specific topic
  • The guides are set up clearly for ease of use as practical self help for anyone
  • The guides make use of recognised CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy techniques) which have been proven to help with anxiety, stress and related issues
  • Counsellors, life coaches, therapists or others working with people experiencing stress or anxiety can also use the ideas, structure and exercises in the guides to work effectively with clients.

How to use the toolkit

You can use the set of practical guides in the way that is most helpful for you:

  • For example, you might start by working on the anxiety program AWAKE from Anxiety and then move on to one of the other guides that you feel is important for you such as the Low Self Esteem - How to Deal with It guide
  • Or you might start with the CBT Techniques to Beat Negative Thinking guide and then move on to the How to Be Assertive Guide
  • Or you might start with the Changing Your Life - A Practical Guide and then try one of the other ones!

The Stress and Anxiety Toolkit gives you the tools to take control of your life again in the way that is most appropriate for you focusing on the issues that you choose in the order that you want to approach them!

This is a lifetime resource - you will find that you can use one of the guides and then come back to it or another guide at a later time when that seems to be most relevant!

The guides complement each other.

Each time you try a new one of the guides, you are likely to see resonances and links with one or more of the other topics and you will see how related underlying techniques can be used to cover a range of different related topics!

This will extend your knowledge base, help you to develop your skills and increase your confidence that you can deal with the different personal development issues involved.

How do I know the techniques in this guide will help me?

The Guides cover areas which are commonly related to stress and anxiety and use consistent proven approaches which helps you both to tackle each individual area effectively and to develop your understanding of how the different areas relate to each other:

  • The guides make use of CBT (cognitive behavoural therapy) techniques. CBT is a recognised psychologically and practically based model for dealing with anxiety, stress, depression and issues relating to self development and self perception. It is used in America, the UK and elsewhere to help with these issues.
  • Independent research provides evidence that the approaches recommended by CBT are helpful and effective in dealing with these issues and it is, for example, one of the researches recommended and used within the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.
  • Some of the guides also make use of ideas from Motivational Interviewing. This is a pragmatic approach to dealing with problem habits developed in the USA which has been used effectively to combat a range of different problem habits and addictions. The approach dovetails well with CBT and both can be used in combination to help you make important changes in your life.

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1.) Awake from anxiety ebook-  a 5 step program for dealing with anxiety and panic.

2.) CBT techniques to beat negative thinking ebook - a  guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques for tackling negative thoughts and problem situatiions.

3.) How to be assertive  ebook - 5 approaches for improving your assertiveness.

4.) Low self esteem and how to deal with it ebook -  5 tactics to improve your self esteem.

5.) Changing your life (A practical guide) ebook - How life coaching can help. 5 modules specifically desinged to change your life.

6.) 50 life coaching exercises ebook - additional ebook of helpful exercises 

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